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Am I eligible anywhere? AZ, MI, and CA


I worked in CA from 1991-2003. I left due to the company being sold, and I moved to MI. I did not file a claim from CA and worked in MI from 2005-2006. I left this job to move to IN. I was not the primary bread winner, so I had to move when my spouse was transferred.

Now I have been looking for a job in AZ for 14 months. I am financially strapped and thought one of the past states could help. Since I have not worked since 2006, it seems I am ineligible.

Can you suggest anything until I can find a job?

Thank you for all your help!

Hi Jennifer,

Each state is different on this subject and it can be very confusing. It may be possible in both Indiana and Arizona to receive unemployment when you move to trail a spouse. (Forget about Michigan and California .. wages are way to old).

It would be easier to get benefits in Arizona because they have less restrictions and conditions which would be applied to determine entitlement for your issue, but you don't have wages there.

But that's not your biggest problem.

You haven't worked for 14 months. The biggest problem is whether you still have enough wages left in your base period to monetarily qualify in any state.

There's only one way to find out. File a claim, tell them the truth and see what happens. I'd start by trying to file an interstate claim in Arizona.

If they tell you no, then you should file a claim in Indiana because that's where your last employment was. You would still have to register for work in Arizona .. because .. that's just how it is. They like to keep tabs on us when collecting unemployment.

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Aug 27, 2009
by: Jennifer

I appreciate the feedback. I didn't have any wages for my year in IN, so I think there is nothing to do but continue to look for work.

Great site! Very helpful info (if I had a chance for benefits...)

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. Good luck finding a job in AZ.

By the way, have you made use of Arizona's employment services?

You might even qualify for a grant to get some training or certification for an area of work that seems to have more jobs available.

I think the federally funded employment services that go hand in hand with UI benefits are underused.


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