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Am I eligible for benefits? I live in California.

by Raul Suarez

I have a full-time position but am currently working 20-25 hours a week if I'm lucky. This trend of decreased hours has continued since the beginning of this year. I heard it was possible for unemployment to pay the difference of a 40 hour to a 20 hour week for someone with a full-time position and not having the option by the employer to make time in any other operation within the company. Is this true? What are my options? I would like to mention that I pay child support and am head of household in my new marriage.

Hi Raul,

California does have a work share program, but it is a voluntary program the employer must choose to participate in.

You could file a claim for partial unemployment since you are working less than fulltime, but regular partial unemployment benefits are based on the weekly benefit amount you'd get for total unemployment .. then when you report your earnings while filing continued claims, the state of CA disregards .. the greater of $25 or the first 25% of wages before they start reducing the benefit amount dollar for dollar of the remaining earnings.

The difference for partial benefits in a work share program is benefits are paid with regard to the reduced hours instead of wages. More beneficial to an unemployment claimant, but like I said it's a voluntary program that the employer has to initiate. The reduction in hours in CA has to be at least 10 percent.

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