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Am I eligible for benefits when laid off due to management takeover (and new company offers chance to reapply?)

by Alex

Am I eligible for benefits when laid off due to management takeover (and new company offers chance to reapply?)

My facility is undergoing a management company change and all employees will be laid off by the outgoing mgmt company.

The new management company has tentatively said that they will look at rehiring employees for their current positions.

Is there any chance I will be eligible for unemployment if I choose not to reapply for my current position?

And does it make a difference *how* the new company attempts to rehire employees? For example is it different if they just say "we want you to stay-here's the paperwork" versus "if you're interested follow the same application/interview process as all other interested candidates".

At this point we're not completely sure what the new company's plans are so I'm just trying to plan ahead.

Hi Alex,

If the incoming mgmt. company will allow you to apply for a position working for them and it is a smart move to maintain continuity and acquire the people already trained to do a job ..

You should apply, because the job is clearly, suitable work .. since it is what you are doing for a living right now.

You can't really want to be unemployed right now .. right?

I can fully imagine, the company laying you off .. using a protest that "continuing work was available, but refused" even it it was with a different company that offered you a new job.

I suspect you will be provided the application before the layoff anyway .. if not .. then we'd might have more to discuss.

If you receive an "offer of work" from the new company and the offer somehow makes the work now unsuitable to any of the elements your states uses to "define" suitability .. then you would have to make a judgment call as to whether you think you could get benefits on the grounds that you had good cause to refuse the offer of work .. because it was no longer suitable .. for some reason.

It might be very helpful .. to know what state you live in, but here's a resource to try .. just use the table of contents to find out which chartbooks to look in for further information about "suitable work".

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