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Am I eligible for unemployment after I resigned due to pregnancy?

(Miami, Florida)

This is the resignation letter I gave my employer today.

Dear Ms. **Name deleted**:

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Patient Coordinator for **company name deleted**.

Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last seven months. I have enjoyed working for **** and appreciate the support provided me during my tenure with the company. However, as per our conversation today, I asked you if you would give me a chance to work in the office opposed to working in the field. You denied my proposal because no work was available at the time. Therefore due to pregnancy, I can not keep exposing myself to the high risk of driving in traffic most of the time. I would also like to get reimbursed for all my vacation time available.

If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know.


She gave me the option to leave immediately which I took and left. I applied today for unemployment i want to know what is the possibility to get it.


Given your letter doesn't include any mention of being ordered not to drive by a doctor, I think you can expect to be denied unemployment.

Without your reason being deemed medically necessary, the quit is now for a personal reason, which may be good cause to you, but not to an unemployment department who must give and deny benefits funded by employer taxes and based on law.

A medical self diagnosis of a real condition would generally have the same result.

In addition, even when a person has the force of medical advice behind them, they have options to explore and exhaust all reasonable alternatives, before quitting, to fulfill the burden of having good cause to quit fulfill the burden of having good cause to quit .. under nearly all circumstances including those of quitting due to health reasons.

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May 07, 2014
Get rid of that attitude
by: Anonymous

Very messed up to respond "Why if you read....."
You should be ashamed of yourself for answering a question in the manner you did.

Aug 15, 2015
My work stress while pregnant
by: Anonymous

OK so I am 3 months pregnant and I worked for a company that I thought was great at first but things changed after months and months of working there. We've had Co worker meetings with the manager and us other 3 workers to try to resolve some drama that has been goin on with us females. Things turned out ok but just got worst in the month, I do wear makeup to work but got written up because I don't wear enough. I've been told stuff in front of customers saying what's wrong with me because I look dead and that I need to leave to the back, and that was by my own boss, she's told me bad comments about my hair saying ombre looks ratty if I don't do the proper hairstyle. I've had coworkers try telling me what to do while they just sit there talking which I don't believe is right, so I've been stressed out, I've went to the doctor and my blood pressure has been high and I've lost 15 pounds even though pregnant and doctor said she could take me out of work for me and the health of my unborn baby. So after all this I talked to my boss about my stress and that I've been going to the doctor to see what can be done,and I was told that if I wna leave I can leave and that everyone's upset with me and eachother because of some supposedly rumors that were said which I'm clueless about, but anyways was told I should keep my mouth closed so I won't be treated that way, which I don't even know what's being said. So that's what's been stressing me out. So I'm going to respond back to my doctor n get my time off with pay , then after that I just might quit if things do not seem to get better... would I be able to claim unemployment for my situation, I mean I've tried talking to my boss before getting time off I've tried brushing things off, but it's really affecting me bad

Aug 15, 2015
To: My work stress while pregnant
by: Unemployment-Tips

You, or anyone, can always claim benefits, but when you quit a job the problem is always whether you can support your burden to prove you had good cause at the time you quit.

It should be clear to you, I don't know whether you might have good cause, or the proof I would want myself to prove it after I applied for unemployment benefits.

By the way, personality conflicts in general are neither good cause to quit, or be fired.

May 16, 2016
Two week notice rule
by: Anonymous

If you give your employer two weeks notice and they decline it and tell you to leave (make sure to put it in writing) both your two week notice and there decline, then you should qualify.

May 16, 2016
What state are you referring to about that two week rule thingy?
by: Chris -

In most states, when you give a two week notice, and the employer declines .. as in telling you. hey, you're done being our employee as of today, the day the notice was given, the most benefits one could hope for generally would be two weeks in any state, at least those states without a one week unpaid waiting period, or only one week, in most other states that do in fact, have a one week waiting period.

Reason being, being told your employment is over doesn't negate a voluntary quit must still be with good cause per how state unemployment departments must view the reason and effort made before quitting.

And if an employer actually pays an employee for to the end of their two week notice .. you wouldn't be able to collect unemployment benefits on top of what amounts to wages paid through the end of the notice of quitting at-will employment.

Just sayin' a two week rule is not something I've ever heard of, nor is it a given, or magic solution .. in any state to collect benefit for longer than the notice you gave the employer for a reason deemed to be without good cause to quit.

Of course, there may be some precedents out there that create an exception to what my rule of thumb is .. as compared to yours.

Mar 30, 2017
I want to quit because of fumes at my job
by: Anonymous

i work in a bodyshop where i am constantly exposed to paint fumes and chemicals. My doctor has informed me that it isn't safe and I shouldn't be in this environment. If i quit am i eligible to receive unemployment?

I would generally want the name of the state you would be applying for benefits, because quitting for health may relate to a very specific provision in UI law that good cause is only, when quitting is on the advice of a physician.

To split hairs .. A doctor just telling me paint fumes aren't safe, or good for me because I'm pregnant could make you susceptible to jumping the gun on quitting.

In any event, I know it's just a smart idea to first document a request for a work accommodation, specific to what condition of the employment may be negatively affecting one's health. By this, I mean I would go so far as to assure I could prove I provided the employer an opportunity to correct a problem with the work .. when I provided them with written documentation from my physician, advising what might be an acceptable to work accommodation as well.

You can find more information specific to how a state may treat this reason for quitting due to illness, in Table 5-2.

The reason I do split this hair is .. because even for health reasons .. the burden to prove good cause, is the employee's.

Chris -

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