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am i eligible? i have been collecting private disability insurance and am now returning to work


I live in Massachusetts. I was injured at home and required surgery. I have been collecting disability insurance since, (just under a year).

My employer has held my employment status as active until recently, it was changed to inactive status. the company just laid off a good number of employees, I fall right on the line as far as years of service are concerned. I am expecting to be released to return to work soon and went to talk to my employer about this. If there is a position available when I am released it will be offered to me however, it wont be the same position I held prior to my injury.

I have been with the company for over 7 years and have worked first shift for the past 5 of those years. the hours will change, and possibly the pay rate. it will be a floating schedule, starting anytime after 10 a.m. and ending anytime 8 to 10 hours after start.

I am a single parent and this schedule will be impossible for me, I have no one to watch my daughter until 9, 10, 11 or later 5 nights a week.

If I decline the position am I still eligible for unemployment benefits? If I am eligible, will my payments be based on my earnings while collecting disability or will they be based on my earnings prior to becoming disable?
thank you for your help


I need some clarification. When you say "private" disability insurance do you mean a policy you pay for or one provided through the employer?

I think the possibility for benefits might not work for monetary eligibility reasons because MA has an "extended base period" available only if you were receiving worker's comp for a job related injury. The resource I use mentions nothing about private disability payments.

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