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Am I eligible to collect if I change jobs knowing the new job will end ?

by Vicki

will I be eligible if I quit a job as a preschool teacher to take a job as a fifth grade elementry teacher substitute(what my degree is in) even though I knew the substitute job would be ending after only five weeks and may not lead to employment in the fall, neither job had contracts and the preschool job was year round

Hi Vicki,

It is not something I would recommend, but you live in PA .. so who knows.

I'm certain that because they allow quitting for personal, compelling and NECESSITOUS reasons that it is possible to prove quitting for a "better job" that pays more is possible, but you would be quitting a permanent job for a 5 week temporary gig.

That I'm not sure about.

When in doubt I recommend research. There's a couple places I recommend you begin this very tedious process.

Legal Research

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania or...

If you're fast .. for a 24 hour free trial of their legal research services.

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