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Am I eligible to receive unemployment benefits if I also receive retirement benefits?


I live in Missouri and have collected monthly retirement benefits from the Public School Retirement System since 2002. With 3 children in college, I accepted a job with the Department of Commerce (Census) as a manager and have worked full time since August 2009. I will be terminated because my (NTE date) not to exceed date will come up September 25. My employment hass been satisfactory but the job is temporary and all employees are being terminated. I have two questions: (1) am I eligible for unemployment benefits even though I receive monthly retirement benefits, and (2) if so, when should I begin the application process in order to receive maximum benefits


1. Please see table 5-16.

2. I can't really answer that, but you can figure it out by knowing what your base period will be.

A base period is determined by the "quarter" in which you file your claim. So, whether you file 9/26 or wait until the beginning of October the difference would be waiting will move the base period forward 3 months.

Again, this is explained by DOLETA in this chartbook.

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