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Am I entitled to NYS unemployment when I move to Fla. after getting laid off?

by Jan

Worked for NYS company for 5+ years and was laid off. I want to pursue a career in the Florida Golf industry and want to collect my unemployment insurance.

Hi Jan,

Normally I'd say "yes, no problem". You would just need to let New York know about your address change so they could work out the details to pay you in Florida.

But you said I want to pursue a career in the "golf industry" so I need to ask if this would be a new field for you.

One of the requirement for unemployment is that you must seek employment. Some state actually regulate or have requirements about the "job search", but all require you look for "suitable work" and they mean any suitable work.

In other words if you had been an accountant and limited your work search to jobs as a golf pro or something similarly disparate from being an accountant you could be seen as limiting your availability to work because you weren't looking for suitable work.

States may also look at the "labor market" to make determinations. For instance, Florida's current unemployment rate is 9.6 compared with New York at 7.7. They can also refine that information to cities.

I'm just telling you what I would consider before making a move to minimize any potential problem .. understand?

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