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Am I too young to get unemployment? What other kinds of assistance are available in Ohio?

by Allison

I am 19 years old and was kicked out of my moms house over the summer due to false allegations of identity theft. I've been homeless for the past 7 months and have relied on friends for shelter. I've lost a job last month (November 2009) because someone told my employer about the identity theft. I was wrongfully accused and no charges were ever filed. there was no reason to fire me. I only had the job for a few days till a friend of the person who accused me told my boss that I had stolen someones identity.

I don't know what to do. I just lost another job due to the same reasons. even if I cant collect unemployment, what can I do to get help?


You are not to young to collect unemployment, but whether you can or not depends on the monetary eligibility and whether you were discharged for misconduct "connected with the work".

I am not an expert in other types of assistance. I suggest you contact the ODJFS to find out about the other types of assistance available to you.

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