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by april
(New Bern, NC )


I am currently waiting to hear from the State of Oregon on my appeal hearing. I have gone round and round on several websites trying to find information on whether I have a good case. I believe that I do. I would love to speak with you regarding my case, but unfortunately I am so broke I couldn't donate a penny to save my life. I filed for unemployment benefits when I relocated to North Carolina to be with my husband, who after several months on unemployment and unable to find any job that was suitable to his skills and knowledge. Decided to go back to school to become a physical therapist. In doing research the only schools in Oregon that offered the courses were an hour and a half away from where we lived, we decided to move to North Carolina for several reasons. Mainly because 1) The local school here offers the courses. 2) We could live with family until we got on our feet and established employment. Which we did not have this opportunity in Oregon. 3) My employer (A non-profit) was going down the tubes, so to speak, while being employed there as the office manager, the non-profit, solely open because of donor donations, was not able to make payroll taxes for the last 3 quarters of 2009, unable to meet all of the bills and sustain on a positive note, I would like to add that the person hired to replace me, and is now working a mere 16 hours a week and the position is being eliminated altogether the end of May and the Executive Director has given up his salary in order to keep the doors open. Which I knew was going to happen, we made our decision based on several factors and we decided to move when we did so my husband could start and complete a technical program that would allow for him to be employed in the field that he is going to school for. I believe that this is good cause, and would love some advice from you regarding this situation and possibly some help with getting my unemployment approved. If you could help me at all I would appreciate it immensely! Thank you for your time listening to me! Great website, it has helped me some if you are unavailable to help me with some solicited advice on this matter for free. I apologize for asking this but I am desperate!



Hi April,

Thank you I appreciate this .. I'm really a very average run of the mill kind of person .. and I'm modest enough to cringe at the thought of writing my own resume .. way too much horn tooting required. So I always appreciate someone else doing it for me:)

I did receive your email and I sent you a link that should help you out .. you should be able to get the determination reversed .. don't know why they denied benefits .. except to say most states are denying benefits wrongly, I think, in the hopes that some or maybe most of those people won't appeal.

Go get'em April.


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