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an office relocation


I've worked for my employer for about 2 1/2 years now, all the time in an office less than 3 miles from my house. Just recently, they've opened a new office about 55 miles further from the current office, with plans to close my office down completely. I would likely not be offered an increase in pay, though I would be adding almost 10hrs/week of commuting time. Instead I would be reimbursed for the additional mileage ($.50/mile, using my personal vehicle). I briefly considered moving within a reasonable proximity to the new office, but cannot afford it with my current salary. Would this be an acceptable reason to quit and still receive unemployment?


When an employer changes the original "conditions of hire" such as moving you to a location 55 miles away there is always a possibility that good cause will exist for a "refusal" of work based upon the fact that distance to work is one of the things considered when determining is the work was "suitable".

The problem is that different states may have different criteria for how far is too far.

My suggestion is to either see if find a relevant precedent to rely on or if that doesn't work out for you call the Michigan Board of Review and ask them if they can help.

The board of review is not the UIA, but they may be able to give you the number.

I would say that 55 miles is a substantial distance .. 550 extra miles a week is a lot of time and money for gas.

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