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another employee has been verbally abusing me and I quit after an epidsode of being physically intimidated.

I have had problems with an another employee bullying for 4 years now. It has been reported to management over 6 times and nothing was done. Yesterday she interrupted a phone conversation I was having with a doctor, it forced me to hang up. She then got in my face and shoved me with her hip until she pinned me in the corner of my desk. I did not touch her however, but did verbally lash back. She would not let up continuing to get in my face.

I snapped and quit. The employer accepted my resignation.


I'd love to be able to discuss this with you .. but what is it you want to know? What state are you in? Do you have documentation to prove this was addressed with management over six times?

What did you write in your resignation letter?

Actually you didn't ask a question at all, nor did you tell me what's important to know if one wants to know if they could or should be able to collect unemployment when quitting.

But from the sound of it .. I hope you do .. management that continues to let one co-worker bully another .. is bad management .. but doesn't release you from "proving it".

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