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another job with twice the pay but is now delayed due to securtity clearence wait.

by Matthew

I was working for a retail company for one year in Alabama. I received a firm job offer with a starting date from a government agency. I gave the retail company my two weeks notice and my employer made me resign the day i turned in my two weeks notice. I got a phone call the day before I was suppose to start the government job saying that I couldnt start because my security clearence process will not be completed in time. I cannot start the government job until I am cleared. I applied for unemployment compensation and recieved a denial today saying the reason I left my previous job was a voluntary quit without just cause. What can I do?

Hi Matthew,

Appeal because you should be entitled to at minimum one check if the retail store made you leave when you gave your two week notice.

I'm not certain .. but I do not think Alabama has a statute which provides good cause for quitting for a better paying job .. some states do.

But regardless the fact that they forced you to leave when you gave your notice equates to a discharge without good cause for at least the length of your notice.

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