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Approved, then Ex-Employer Appealed, then didn't show up to Appeal so case was dismissed

by William

I worked for my former employer for 5 years, and was applying for another position with in the company, and my most recent application there was something different than when I initially applied 5 years ago. The HR manager said I lied on my initial application and would be terminated. About 3 weeks went by and my direct manager was in contact with me updating me on the status. She found out that they were moving forward with termination, and told me. I did not want to have a termination on my record. So I quit.

I applied for unemployment and won... YAY!
The company appealed saying I quit, and that I was in violation of company policy.
I went to appeals court, and they did not show. So the case was dismissed. The judge said I will continue to get benefits?

Is it too early to celebrate??? Can they still appeal?

Thank you.

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Sep 09, 2014
May not be too early for some, but for me .. well I need to ask you about the same thing I asked here
by: Chris

One of the most read Q&As on is where I my answer is really just a bunch of wondering about the same thing .. when is it really time to celebrate an lower level hearing victory.

Fact is, even though you quit, you were going to be fired by the employer's own admission, therefore the burden is on them, but that they didn't show for a hearing scheduled on their appeal, is always, for me a bit troubling.

Especially if I know the employer employs a cost control company for unemployment insurance purposes.

Do you know if the employer requested a postponement of the hearing prior to it, or if they use a cost control company that regularly gets reopenings for employers after this type of scenario?

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