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are parttime workers in the state of missiouri eligible for unemployment

by renee
(st.louis, mo)

just searching for a employed partime workers rights if they were fired after being employed for two years with the same employer.

Hi Renee,

Part-time workers definitely get one of the short sticks when it comes to unemployment.

I don't know of anything barring part-time workers from applying for benefits as long as they have qualifying wages the should be monetarily eligible, but if a person chooses to work only part time for any number of a multitude of reasons one may only wish or need to work part time .. they will then have a problem if the state does not have a part time worker provision and then those provisions may be so restrictive as to be useless for most people.

Missouri does not have any provision.

So although I cannot point you to anything that gives a definitive explanation .. I know that part time worker can file for unemployment and be eligible as long as they meet the minimum monetary requirements and they make themselves able and available for full-time work .. unless their state either has a provision that allows for a search for part-time work or the state interprets the statutes and precedents allow for a "history of part time work".

The fly in the ointment for PT workers in states without a provision is they may not collect the benefits if they don't make themselves able and available for full time work .. even though the employer was paying UI taxes on their part time wages and it is determined they lost their job through no fault of their own they have to change their availability to full-time in order to continue to be eligible. This is impossible for some.

The stimulus is offering money to states that modernize their UI programs and the treatment of part time worker is just one of the things they can opt to do.


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