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arkansas, if i have worked in arkansas can i move to Colorado to find work and get ui and if so, whose rules will apply to my claim?

by dee

I moved FROM Colorado to Arkansas in 2004, but I started working in AR in 2006 to current. If I file and get approved for ui in colorado, will Colorado rules apply or do I need to apply in the state that I worked in--Arkansas?

I worked in Colorado for many years before moving to Arkansas.

Hi Dee,

If you qualify, it would be under Arkansas rules. At least that's the way it's supposed to work. You could file in either state. If you file in Colorado .. it would be an interstate claim. It's also fairly standard that if you live in a different state than the one liable for paying you benefits that you register for work and conform to the work search requirements of the state you are living in.

Your question also raises the importance of first checking to see if there are any "locality" provisions that could effect your ability to collect unemployment when you move to another state.

The USDOL has broken everything down for easy reference. The information about states with locality provisions can be found on page 23 of the Nonmonetary chartbook.

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