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Asked to attend a religiious convention but was denied the time off and quit.

I asked if i could attend a religious convention of Jehovahs Witnesses, my PTO was not approved, but because it was part of my religious convictions to attend, I told my employer I must attend. He said if you go and not come on friday, you might as well not come to work on Monday, he collected my keys that same day. Before I even attended the convention. Do I qualify for any unemployment?

He made me choose between my job and my religious convictions.

Please note that I have moved your question to the category regarding voluntary quits.

"He made me choose" .. that sounds like an ultimatum and you chose to quit.

So, I would assume your question has more to do with the fact that he took your keys when the discussion led to your decision to not be in on Friday.

The name of the state might of been helpful to see if I could find some UI case law to reference and just a bit more detail about the employer's policy for requesting time off and your compliance within that frame work.

Did the employer expressly deny you the time off despite following the policy for asking for time off? Or, had it been approved .. then denied?

I guess maybe I'm also confused about your religious convictions standing the test on a day you usually worked.

If I were you, I'd stick to the deviations from the PTO request policy. But then this is just for general information purposes about collecting unemployment benefits.

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Sep 20, 2010
by: Rick

Dear Friend,
Did you request the time off for the convention ahead of time, was it approved and then your supervisor changed his or her mind? I heard of some brothers with AT&T who were handsomely rewarded for the same thing happening to them. Best wishes, your brother Rick

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