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Asked to come work in the office after working remote.

by Chad Farran
(san diego)

I was offered a position to work remotely as a creative designer (no contract however) for an email marketing company.

Now they say they need me to work in the office or I will be fired.

Hi Chad,

How long have you worked for them remotely and how far away are you from the office?

What reason, exactly, did the employer give for the need for the change? What are your objections? This could be relevant in determining who has good cause.

It's a change in the conditions of employment, but even if the employer fires you .. the state may see this as a voluntary quit .. because it is within your control at this moment to "preserve the employment".

So you need to check the California eligibility guide to see if the employer's insistence that you accept the change in the conditions of employment is good cause to quit ..

The issue of "determining who the moving party is, is discussed under VQ 5 and VQ 135.

Other suggested reading would be VQ 440 and the misconduct section.

Even if you don't have a contract, there must have been an offer letter or an implied agreement that you would work remotely. This is why I asked how long you've been employed and working remotely, how far away is the "office" and why, the employer wants to change things and you don't.

I might have been able to pinpoint information better if I had more details.

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