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Attendance , but with a loss of family

by Mark

Well I just got fired today for attendance, I had tried to explain to our op manager of why my attendance has been bad...I stated to her that the first issues was because I had car issues in which I payed over 1.5 grand to get it fixed, even after paying 500 dollars for distributer and dist. cap, while driving to work, my car days while im driving on the highway, I had to get a tow and let them work on it, next they said its another problem, I pay almost 1000 to fix this peice that is like the chip/brain of the not know the pieces name sorry. After this yet again, car problems, it keeps dying still when I drive for awhile(work 45 mins away) and now after clearing my savings to fix it, I could not repair it...also this was the reason for being under my attendance for 2 months, car problems, my other/last warnings was when my fiance's father had a stroke, we found him on a friday laying in the bathroom knocked out, we took him in to the hospital. They say he will not make it, so we had to pull the tubes, this was the following monday, I had to call last attendance has to be 90%, I was no more then a half point off, was well as one of my previous write ups when I had car issues...anyways with my car problem and the mechanic not fixing my problem and my car having the same issue that it started well as my fiance's fathers dead, would this be valid for them to give me unemployment? Also I have a child as well, and I just had to kick the mother out for cheating...

Hi Mark,

Guess what? The only incident I really want to know about is the last time you called off that resulted in your termination .. up until that point .. nothing you mentioned is not misconduct .. your "continuing car problems" are your employer's problem .. because why?

Now the final incident having to do with finding someone on the bathroom floor .. might be relevant, but I can't tell exactly when you called off because of "your fiance's father".

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