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Attendance Issues - Temp Agencies California

by MrsGuest

I am employed through a temp agency and i was recently written up for attendance but the exact reason for the write up is for 3 call offs as well as days off that were approved through the company i am assigned. Now the company that i am assigned only count against me the days that were called off/unscheduled time. I was told by my agency that there is no policy where it states that they can write me for approved days off only for unscheduled. also my agency specifically told me that the reason for the write up is to cover their back in any unemployment claim i would file against them in any event of my termination. Is this right?? Please help!!!!!

Hi MrsGuest,

I am not a fan of temp agencies. I understand the value they offer to people on unemployment, but they are tenacious "unemployment fighters" due to their inherently high experience ratings. But they use some strategies that usually have the effect of stalling benefits and you need to be on your guard.

You should have noted in the comment section of the write-up why including the "approved days off" as part of the write up is unjustified. Additionally, it would have been helpful to know why you called off the other 3 days. It is relevant with regard to unemployment.

If you work for a temp agency, your employer is the temp agency. The client company is basically, your manager.

They may have told you they were covering their backside with the write-up, but it won't do any good if the call offs were for illness or some other reason considered to be out of your control.

The fact that they included approved days off as part of the reason for the write-up is nonsensical.

They may as well have included "and she rolled her eyeballs three times. But of course you need to understand that it is your responsibility to point out the employer's error to the state and just like the employer was trying to cover them self with the write-up .. you need to negate their effort by counter documenting. This action alone devalues an employer's documentation for use at an unemployment hearing .. as long as your reasoning for the comment has merit.

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