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by Keli
(KC, MO)

My company has crazy rules. Within the 1st 4 months of employment, you are given up to 2 "occurances". Occurances are any tardiness and or absence which is not scheduled. Its almost been 4 months and I am at 2 occurances. I got 1 occurance from being 3 minutes late 2 times (each occurance is .5). Another time I had a female issue in which I was 5 minutes late coming back from lunch, another .5 occurance, and my father was in the hospital for a stroke, missed one whole day which is 1 occurance. I was late last monday because my sons daycare provider was sick, so I had to find another one. That puts me at 2.5 occurances in less than 4 months. Grounds for termination. With this situation, could i collect unemployment.

Hi Keli,

OMG Point systems!! It really depends on the state, but generally speaking point systems that do not take into consideration the facts about the absence .. like when the reason for the absence can be reasonably assumed to be "out of the employees control such as medical emergencies, doctor visits with notes, family emergencies, etc aren't good for the employer.

The first two occurrences would not be helpful and I also don't think the third one is so great either, but missing because of your father's stroke and the daycare issue .. shouldn't have counted. Many states look at the "final incident" that prompted a discharge. If you were to receive another occurrence and it is considered to be within your control you probably wouldn't fare as well.

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