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by Heather
(Temple, TX)

Hello, I work for a company that goes by the point system. While I was pregnant I had something called Hyperemisis Gravidirum. I basically couldnt hold anything down and threw up everything I ate. I lost alot of points until I was eligible for FMLA which I used all 12 weeks of that while I was pregnant. I have been back from my 6 weeks of maternity leave since mid august and when I returned I only had like 40 points. You lose 10 points per absence. I have been sick like 4 times since then and had drs notes every time but they do not excuse abscences with drs notes. I have missed again today because I am sick and I may be fired for it. I went to the dr and I am sure I can provide documentation to show every time I missed work that I went to the Dr. Would I be able to receive unemployment? Is there a long period you have to wait for them? Thanks.

Hi Heather,

You might be able to collect unemployment if you can provide all the dr notes .. especially for the last four absences. Offer to fax them to the person that calls to interview you.

I can't tell you how long it will take for Texas to issue a determination, but I will guess somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks.

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So upsetting but understood!
by: Anonymous

As a mother of 2 myself and after having my daughter I had a pulmonary embolism so my boss actually stopped my health insurance and let me go & when I tried to file for unemployment in Illinois they denied me......

The reason being is that to collect unemplyoment in Illinois you have to be ready & able to work, but if you are sick, you are unable to work.

I don't know what the laws are in another state though.

Best of luck to you. From one mom to another.

Hi Anonymous,

Chris here. It's the same in all states .. in order to collect unemployment you must be able and available, but that's a condition of collecting. Once you do become able and available and all other reasons for allowing benefits are in place .. you can let the state know you are now able and available and you should be able to collect again.

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