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by daisy

My mother became very ill the begining of the year up until now she seems to be doing much better. I had filed for FMLA in January because I knew that my mom would need me to take her to doctors and since she's been in and out of the hospital it was very hard for me. (I am also a single parent and my mom was my babysitter) I had signed some FMLA papers and faxed them over to my moms doctor. I was under the assumption tha HR had received the paperwork. So I'm taking days off thinking my job is secured but it wasn't. HR never notified me that the paper work wasn't in until 2 months after. Now I'm unemployed with a child and I need to know if I can't collect....someone please help.


I can't help without seeing what you received from the employer.

You need to diagnose your problem based on what you know and what the CA Eligibility Guide has to say about your situation.

I think I can tell that the employer is claiming you quit your job, but I'm not sure why .. FMLA does have some requirements for the employer to fulfill .. I just can't tell what went wrong for you.

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