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Attending Scool while collecting UI question?

(SF, CA)

I have been unemployed from NYC and recieving UI since July 1st, 2010, quit due to health reasons, got better and still have not found a job. (Had to move from ny -couldnt afford it there after quiting, moved to sf, ca living with family friends to save on rent and look for a job). The thought occured to just go back to school. I got acceppted at the community college and I was going to enroll in classes this fall , Aug 11(I have not yet enrolled or started taking any classes). I just found out about not being allowed to collect ui and be a student. Like I said I am only accepted as a student but I have not officially stated taking classes. Am I in jeopardy of losing or delaying benefits?

What did you used to do for a living? The hours that suitable work may typically require is important. So is conducting a continuing job search for suitable work.

And in CA it's also important to understand that if you are forced to make a choice between attending school and accepting suitable work .. work trumps school .. unless you are approved for training benefits.

Problem is .. I think you said your benefits are coming from NY.

See the NY Unemployment Benefits Index.

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