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Auto tech denied uc for misconduct in Alabama.


Almost two years work at a Tire and Service store.Was ordered to resurface two cracked brake disc rotors.I an ASE MASTER TECHNICIAN refused.That it was wrong,dangerous and I could be put in jail and I had told him before. He the boss/owner told me to take my tools and leave, I told him he would get sued,he then began complaining.I then clocked out and left. Next morning I asked him if he had reconsidered what he had said.He said yes and for me to get my tools and leave,then started to complain,I left.

DIR.AL. disqualified me for insubordination toward supervisory personnel IN THAT YOU WERE TOLD TO DO A JOB THE WAY THE CUSTOMER WANTED BY YOUR SUPERVISOR & YOU CURSED AND SAID YOU WERE GOING TO SUE after previous warning.SECTION OF LAW 25-4-78(3b) Misconduct.

Hi John,

What? the state didn't call to get your side of the story? Because from what only you have told me here .. I have quite a different opinion as to whether you should have gotten UC from Alabama.

I hope you appealed.

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Oct 24, 2009
Sorry you lost your job
by: Amanda

But EXCELLENT work for standing up to your employer and refusing to undertake illegal and dangerous work. My husband is a mechanic and he too would never do any type of job that is illegal or dangerous and he too has quit a job in the past for being ordered to do illegal and unsafe repairs. He's not a master simply because we haven't been able to afford for him to recertify his ASE's and obtain a few more, but he does indeed have the qualifications otherwise.

Oct 16, 2009
appeal yes
by: Anonymousauto tech

after study ,found it's not the employer that denied. But the DIR.AL. and yes,I have appealed and preparing case to address DIR.'s denial. Based on the master/slave opinion.

:)Does Alabama statute use that term .. master/servant?

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