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Bad bad boss in SC

by Nancy
(SC Unemployment Benefits)

Bad bad boss in SC


I want to first say thank you for having your blog. I had my Unemployment Appeal today, and I believe I won it due in part to the assistance of the blog.

I worked at a trade union in SC as an Administrative Assistant/Business Agent. I was also a dues paying union member. In Feb 2011. I voted against sending the President (my supervisor) to Washington DC. Once he discovered it, he told people he was going to fire me. From Feb to May - the boss provided a hostile work condition - but I refused to quit.

After taking away my union rights (illegally) and the working conditions, I filed complaints with the E-board and NLRB. Additionally, due to the treatment, I sought medical attention (OK a shrink). While on sick leave, I received a letter of termination. Each item was either a complete fabrication or twisted truth.

Since I could tell the end was near, I downloaded all of my emails which showed what was really going on. Also since SC is a one-party recording state, and work had no policy on taping, I recorded him.

I filed for unemployment and after the fact-finding telephone interview, I was denied benefits for 12 weeks (The Unemployment office lost my proof). I appealed the decision and had my appeal today.

I was really fortunate - I had over 300 pages of emails and other documented proof as well as 3 witnesses. The boss from Hades didn't show up.

I am working my way through the NLRB and considering taking legal action for wrongful termination.

I did want you to know that although I never wrote you for advice, your website has helped me. Again, thank you.

Hi Nancy,

I would like to return some thanks.

I don't get many responses like yours from those that have never contacted me for advice.

I appreciate, more than you know, that you apparently understood that most of what I write about is conceptual and not specific advice for any given situation.

I'd like to offer my congratulations to you.

It sounds like you have not only prevailed over your bad bad boss in SC, but the SC unemployment department as well.

Thank you for letting me know that this site helped in some small way .. it always makes my day.


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