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Basic questions

by chris christensen
(castai,ca, us)

How long after being fired do i have to claim unnemployment?

If i am working part time where i get randomly called in can i get some sort of partial unemployment?


You can file whenever you want to file as long as you are at least partially unemployed. The basic question is at what point will your base period no longer have enough wages in it to monetarily qualify you for unemployment.

That's why the prevailing wisdom is to file right away after becoming unemployed.

Your second question.

Yes, working part-time also has the potential that you could receive a partial benefit .. or a portion of what you would receive if totally unemployed.

The amount is calculated using your earnings for any claim benefits and the WBA you are entitled to for total unemployment .. California .. I believe, disregards 25 percent of your earnings before reducing the benefit amount dollar for dollar of excess earnings.

You might want to verify this by visiting the resource linked to on the page about unemployment pay

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