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Bath Fitter Misfit

by Jamie
(York, PA)

I was employed by a Law Firm for 6 months and it was not a job that I signed up for. A so called (friend) got me the job and when I interviewed I showed the boss my resume. He was impressed and hired me. Prior to all of this I was employed by the County for 22 years. I went to Medical school for Medical Billing and Coding for a year and worked part-time. I then got a job at a Home Care Service and worked part-time at a nursing home as Receptionist. The Attorney that I worked for was giving me dictation to do for two months. I did not ever have dictation and I did not have it on my resume. I later found out that my (friend) told him that I could do dictation but did not inform me. I proved myself to him in other aspects of the job and he did not make me do dictation. I was searching for a job ever since my first week there when I figured out what was going on. I then applied for a job at Bath Fitter. It was closer to home and it was a Customer Service job. I love working with people. During my interview I was told that I would be great at the job and it was no cold calling at all. The potential customers put in a card at a home show or fair or at a mall. It was our job to contact them to set up an appointment. I was also told I would get a tour of the place. That never happened. Everything seemed good at the interview of what I was looking for. I received a phone call the first week of

my two week notice from the person who interviewed me. He wanted me to start training on Wednesday, Thurs. and Friday and start the following Monday. I asked my boss and he said no he could not spare me. Then I received a phone call from the person who interviewed me and wanted me to start training the following Wed., Thurs., and Fri. I had to go to the Law Office earlier because of leaving early for training. My second day of training we had to do role playing. I started to feel a little uncomfortable. The last day of training we did more role playing and I got a lot of pressure put on me of what to say to customers who did not want to buy anything. I could not come back with a rebuttle and we had about 8 pages to go by. I was to start on Monday. I went into the office at Bath Fitter at the call center. I had to wait to sign in and to clock in. When the Supervisor came I really felt uncomfortable. I was to go into her office and do role playing before being on the floor. She asked me how I was feeling and I told her very uncomfortable. She told me that I seemed like I was lost at training class. I asked her what I should do. She then contacted the person who interviewed me and he said he had nothing for me at the time and to send me home he would call me. I went home and I never received a phone call.

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