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Because my boss is demeaning when I ask questions

My boss has become demeaning when I ask questions related to my work. She is my direct supervisor on these projects and I need to maintain healthy/professional contact with her. At first, I shrugged these instances of her rolling her eyes or sighing to my questions. I finally spoke up two weeks ago letting her know it made me feel uncomfortable when she does that and I truly have questions that need to be answered. She said she is only pushing back to force me to think about what I'm asking to see if I know the answer. She also said I was being too sensitive. I told her anyone would feel this way when they are treated like this. She has now begun to challenge comments or questions I have as if she is trying to argue with me. She asks 'why' I'm asking. I explain and then she challenges the validity of my question. I answer her and she then begins to argue with me. I try to walk away and say nevermind I will figure it out...she comes back with another comment to try to keep the hostile conversation going. This all comes down to my conversation with her a few days ago. She wanted to talk with me about my unprofessional attitude and poor communication with the 'team'. I asked for an example and she said I am not professional since I don't say 'please' and 'thank you'. I am not part of the team because I do not communicate very well with everyone. I am supposed to come to work tomorrow with a game plan of how I can change my ways and act professional and integrate with the team. She is actually the one that is acting unprofessional towards me. I have been physically sick every morning for the past month due to anxiety of wondering if I will have to have another confrontation with her. This is not healthy for me and I need to quit but I also don't want to loose any chances of unemployment benefits. What do I do?


Follow the employer's grievance procedure and go beyond her to the next level to try to reconcile your problem.

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Feb 28, 2011
What do you do when there is no one above a demeaning boss
by: Anonymous

what do you do when there is no one above the boss, to go to to complain? when your boss is the owner.

Then you find some backbone and address your issues in the correct way (documents, logs, official complaints to a state for federal agency when necessary) with the demeaning boss.

Isn't it weird that although I know what I think you're talking about that demeaning is just a word that describes a demeanor that makes you feel a certain way.

And feelings always seem to be the problem when trying to resolve unacceptable behavior .. by employees .. and employers.

Nonetheless, I think if I could, I would move this question to where I prefer to discuss what the problems with the workplace in general.

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