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by Brittany
(Sparks NV USA)

I have been in school for 3 months now and I have been working nights. I go to school Wed-Sat from 9 am to 6 pm. Thats 32 hours of school and I go straight from school to work I get to work around 6:30 pm and work until about 2 am and do it all over again. My only days off are sunday and it is starting to wear on me and my health. I dont know what to do. I need to pay my bills.

Hi Brittany,

Since you didn't really ask me a question .. I'll assume the question.

You want to know if you can quit your job and collect unemployment????

No, quitting work in order to attend school, make school easier to handle, would be disqualifying.


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Nov 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

Well I'll say this, I just started receiving Unemployment and I decided to enroll in school, but when I told them that I would be going to school from 9:30-5pm and they have had my benefits on hold for three weeks, they might ask you to change your schedule for school or be available for full-time work.

It depends on the state .. and like I keep telling people .. you need to have a grasp on what the state considers to be suitable work for you .. this includes the days and hours you typically would be required to work in suitable work so the school schedule doesn't become an issue.

May 08, 2011
Lawndale California can I call unemployment and ask?
by: Deseree

Can I call and ask them before I enroll just to make sure? I'm a single mom and can't have them stop my benefits but can't find any work with out a degree I'm stuck help

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