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being a target of your supervisor and policy and procedures get you nowhere

by Laura

Hi my name is Laura. I quit my job in Corportate Healthcare on February 4, 2010. We had been assigned a new direct supervisor a little over a year prior to that who made our department dynamically change for the worse. He made me a direct target for his frustrations of not fitting in or understanding the business.

In September of 2009 this all came to a head and I had been placed on probation he said it was for telephone use and internet use. I did not abuse these things, but I did immediately stop ALL personal use of both.

Still things progressively got worse. He has threw papers at me in October, in December I was grabbed by my arm, in January I was approached in an angry confrontational manner and called names, I have been reprimanded in front of co-workers. My 2008 performance assessment was almost perfect an overall rating of 98% the last performance assessment had been reviewed with all other co-workers with the exception of me. My supervisor made me aware that he had reviewed everyone but me. And this was after instant messaging to yell at me to send my part of it because for privacy reasons-he had to do them at home. It is clearly not my fault that our company did not provide him with the proper resources to do them from our corporate building. I had gone to HR about these incidents, I had spoken to his direct supervisor about this. I had even tried to post out of my department but was told because of being on probation-I was not allowed. I started having major stomach issues and breaking out in hives from the stress of it all. For six months of intolerable circumstances I tried to do what I could within the organization to resolve this and nothing was done. I had a court hearing on February 3rd and had put in a request for time off two weeks prior to that-at 5:04pm on February 2-my supervisor sent an email denying my request. This is an example what I am talking about regarding the game and targeting me.


You need to read the MD unemployment digest of unemployment decisions

Did you know that a request for time off to go to court .. which is usually mandatory and then to be denied the time of by the employer is "unreasonable".

I do hope you have kept a journal and can substantiate that you have been trying to work this problem with the new manager out through the company grievance procedure for such things.

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