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Being asked to do a job that is by law illegal

(New Jersey)

My case is compounded by several things that forced me to quit.

I was employed by a Drug wholesaler, Company which had asked me several times to retrieve information from some accounts disclosing their drug dispensing information for specific periods of time.

I complied with their requests even though it involved nothing to do with my IT associate position. I was the only one at the DC that knew the different pharmacies systems.

A majority of these reports contained patient information and also the drugs that they are currently taking.

I received several treats from different accounts such as being reported to the DEA for inquiring about such information, and some said they would call their attorneys and place charges.

I reported the issues to my superiors and never received the reassurance that the job I was asked to do was ethical or legal at all, I also sent an email to all the heads of the pertaining departments and no one ever replied.

Then I conducted my own investigation and found out that there is in fact a law called "Hipec Law" that clearly stipulates that this is not only unethical, but also against the law.

Several other sales representatives received the same treats when they attempted to ask for this information, and therefore stopped trying and left everything on my lap to do.....and once it was clear to me that I was breaking the law I wrote my final letter of resignation.

I had resigned twice before and my resignation letters were never accepted.

My record at the company is perfect and so have been my reviews every year, but being that I was also working a tremendous amount of hours ( over 1000 over time hours ) in 2010 alone, I had also told them that the lack of sleep and the amount of stress was affecting me physically and mentally, I always stayed because I believed their false intentions to hire additional personal, by the time I left I
was running basically four departments with the pathetic salary of 16.68 $ and hour. I was the team leader for the merchandiser staff, IT department, DC reports and queries/ Field tech./internal support/ help desk and also did other jobs such as hospital inventories and labeling their pharmacy departments that involved traveling to other states and some times for an entire week at a time , so I constantly found myself working weekends and 14 to 16 hours a day for about 3 years.

On my last resignation I just decided to stop showing up because i know that they would not let me go and probably would offer me something else that would never come just to make me stay a few more months, but the bottom line was that I would not continue to work with these Drug usage reports without being given the proper credentials to present to our customers,and this never was given to me. So I'd rather be W/O a job than keep breaking the law.


The only question I have .. as far as unemployment benefits goes is .. because quitting an employer for requiring you to do something illegal would be with good cause, but just sayiing it, doesn't release you from that darned burden of proof.

Can you prove all those treats you were personally getting was because you performed on the request of someone else in authority over you and you had no idea it was illegal at the time?

All I can see from here is big gaping holes in your story and I could speculate you like some others think if you try a story out on me and I respond .. it must of worked on me.

Seriously? You only knew the law HIPEC (which I have assumed you meant to be HIPAA .. came to your attention only after the DEA .. not the Dept. of Health and Human Services .. who actually enforces HIPAA compliance dropped a treat in your lap?

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