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Being Claimed as a Dependent By Mom - But I'm an Adult Paying Taxes on Unemployment Benefits

by Kendra
(San Diego CA)

Hi I'm Kendra, I'm 24, from California and this is my situation regarding my tax return.

I was fired in December of 2011 - applied for unemployment in March 2012. Began receiving unemployment benefits from March 2012 until December 2012. At that point I got a letter from EDD stating My benefits had hit $0.00. And if qualified/approved for an extension they would send me more claim forms - blah blah.

In January 2013,I was mailed a claim form and letter that explained I was approved/eligible to receive an extension of unemployment benefits.

First extension started JAN 13' - March 2013 at which point I was mailed another ditto letter saying that my UI had ran out and i might get a second extension of benefits. Well, that happened and I was approved on x-tension #2 beginning April 2013 - (TO BE DETERMINED..?) ...

My fiancee and I have lived together for about seven years now, and I have NOT lived with either parent in 8 years. I do NOT depend, borrow, or ask anyone for anything besides myself.

I have not asked for $$$ from my mother, or either of my parents since 2006 and they (she:mom) most certainly is NOT financially supporting me in any way,shape size or form--

I claim myself as an independent when filing taxes because that's the reality and truthful answer. With my taxes this yr(2013) for year 2012 which my unemployment was my only source of income. I owed $3.00-the end!

My mom lied on her taxes,(again) and claimed me as a dependent even though I am not. As a result of her lying the IRS placed a hold on her 3XXL refund and would not send her her tax refund dollars.. AKA DIRTY MONEY.. BECAUSE she claimed me as dependent.

To me, this result seemed expected due to obvious conflicting claimant statuses!

I claimed myself as independent because that's REALITY, but she just wont give it up.

Today I gave her my tax return papers because she'll resent/guilt trip me, so its easier to to just have it her way.

Also she keeps reassuring me it'll have no impact on my unemployment extension or future additional (eligibility required) Unemployment extensions ?


She'll get her tax buddy to take a "2nd look" at my taxes and redo them?

This person will be re-refiling my 2012 taxes to "fix the mistake on my taxes* by newly claiming myself as a dependent person. That way, her extreme/crafty false info she's claimed, can be unfrozen and she'll get a hefty sum of money on her refund that she doesn't deserve -all in my name-...

What I'm asking for is information or opinions or suggestions what I should expect when my mom changes my filed tax from an independent with no income other than Unemployment, then suddenly claiming to claim "myself" as dependent ..who essentially relies on the other individuals income to survive .

Does supporting ones self financially (Independent) vs Getting things paid for by others and having someone take care of you (i.e.: Dependent ) affect ones eligibility to continue to receive extended unemployment benefits along w any Future extensions?

What makes a person more likely or unlikely to be denied an extension vs. approved?

Will her making me a dependent for 2012 the whole year make me owe money or something? Because it'd be at the time I started receiving unemployment benefits
where I was claimed as an independent with no additional income source,!?

I SOO SOO Don't want to get EFFED over by my mother even in slightest way! please do tell if you think of possible repercussions, inconveniences, or problems, I may face by her redoing my taxes how she wants them done?

Will extensions be denied with a DEPENDENT claim status ??

Honestly if it directly changes anything with my unemployment I Want to have time to stop her from re-doing my taxes to stop my mom from changing my claim status.

Thanks &Anything helps...sorry it's so long,and poorly excuse: It's 4AM and I'm eating Gummy sour bears and I'm anxiously overwhelmed with procrastination - but also sleep deprived and my head wont stop thinking about my laziness, but like, I feel so zombie right now - I am 93% Delusional yet watching "the movie "THE HOBBIT"!!! but it's not making sense at all, just like me right now!

Hi Kendra,

No need for to apologize to me for rightly being concerned about something your mom is doing.

She on the other hand might consider being ashamed if you have been honest with me. She might instead consider how fortunate she is to have a 24 year old daughter that has somehow managed thus far, not to emulate an apparent deficit in characther.

I can't imagine under any circumstances which I would think it okay to ask .. or bully, one of my children to put themselves in harms way to benefit me because of my own irresponsibility.

They too are what you are now Kendra. An adult responsible for your own choices in life.

Including the current choice (dilemma) you're faced with, to be complicit in the plan your mom has hatched or to let her undermine your ability to continue to be an independent adult responsible for filing her own IRS tax return per those laws.

Although I'd like to give her a piece of my mind, what I'm actually feeling is a desire to just give you a hug and then tell you .. that your job isn't to protect your mom, by going down alongside her regardless of any guilt trip she may try to send you on.

Amongst many topics of discussions that raise the subject of why people are denied benefits is a failure to be personally responsible and most of all, accountable for the choices made as an employee because in essence that is what screws up an ability to collect on UI claims if telling the truth matters and it does matter to me.

However, it's important you understand I'm not a tax expert and I don't know anything about the consequences for IRS tax fraud, even though it is related to taxes paid on FED-EDD x-benefits.

More info about fraud recovery provisions and special extension programs here.

More about IRS tax guidance issues. Or, when an adult child can be claimed as a dependent?

And Kendra, it'll be easier to get some sleep after you do the right thing .. which is to obey and follow the letter of the tax law.

There's two kinds of guilt .. at least as far as I can tell. That which makes us better when we finally accept responsibility and alter our behavior in the future and that which continues to hold us prisoner as a willing victim of emotional extortion.

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