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being denided a transfer you are qualified for?

by Melissa
(NYC/ Jersey)

I recently moved from queens NY to NJ. I asked for a transfer back in November and was told by my boss that she would talk to the DO for Jersey and get back to me. I was told that several of our Jersey locations were being converted and they were going to need specialized management which would cut down the number of options I had.

At the beginning of Feb I asked my boss again about the transfer and she asked me if "I really thought I was qualified for any position in Jersey?"

My first question was if she knew I wanted to transfer why did she wait over 3 months to tell me that it would not happen if she really felt I was not qualified.

There is now another position open in jersey that is similar to a position I previously held and I am getting the run around. Being told I can apply for it but I should keep in mind that the position is for people who are working towards the position I am already in.


I can't address the transfer or the runaround you are getting. I don't know what the employer's policy states.

What I can address is that the transfer sounds like it was necessary for you because you moved.

Why did you need to move? This becomes the event upon which everything else is the result of.

The reason for the move does can be relevant and then the reason for the denial becomes relevant .. if not allowing you to transfer is seen as unreasonable.

My suggestion is to first find out if NY has a favorable precedent decision that is similar to your situation for voluntary leaving.

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