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being denied leave of absence for an ill out of town familyy member.

I was denied a request of leave of absence to take care of a family member for 2 week that lived in another state. I was told I could leave that day, they would pay me for the next two days. I explained in our meeting, I was not resigning or quitting, but I must go take care of my sister. Upon returning home, a transfer of health insurance paper was in my mail which stated, "upon your termination of employment with ???". Therefore I filed for unemployment. I was denied benefits because: THE DISCHARGE WAS FOR MISCONDUCT CONNECTED WITH THE WORK. I want to file an appeal, what should I do? Thank you for any help.

Hi Anonymous,

You didn't give enough information. What state? How many employees with the company and some more details about the leave request please.

If you were denied a leave, what did the employer say was the reason.

I'd love to help you out, but the details are not adequate or clearly stated.

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