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Being fired for calling in bc of a car wreck?

by mary

Okay, here it goes. I've been employed for almost 3 years at the same place. I have never called in, except once, and I have never ever been late. Because of my attendance I was rewarded not having to stay over and pull a double shift when the oncoming shift was schedule short. On my way to work a farm animal was lose on the road and beacuse of this I wrecked and totaled my car (lucky to be alive with only a few bruises and sore spots) of course I had to miss work that night. The very next morning I spoke to my supervisor and specifically asked "will I have to start staying over again" and she specifically told me "no, that wasn't your fault". I was scheduled to work that night so I went to work like normal, but I was still extremely sore and couldn't do my job nearly as good as I could do. The next morning my supervisor called again and told me that her supervisor told her that reguardless of the situation I was going to be unrewarded working doubles and if I had any questions to speak to her supervisor. So, I called her on the phone was questioning her why she was doing that to me after they had already told me I wouldn't and she was using a very strict tone with me and I was getting an attitude back with her, of course, I mean, I was just in a car wreck and I was emotional enough, plus they're adding all stress on me when I am a pretty good worker and I don't miss any days, except one, and then the night of my serious car wreck, but yet I felt like I was getting punished for something I could not have helped in the first place. I told her "It's obvious you don't care about your employees" and she responded to me, "on that note disciplinary actions will be taken" and I ended up getting suspended for 3 days. I took my 3 days and in that time off I started feeling worse and feeling weak and sore in spots. When my suspension was over I called in when I was scheduled to work and explained I couldn't work beacuse of feeling bad and I did that 2 nights in a row. I was fired for calling in, although I had only missed once before, once for my wreck, and then twice after my wreck. Do I have a case against my work place to get unemployment?


Medical documentation?

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