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being fired for customer complaints.

by Curt

Im a bus driver ive been driving for about 10 months for my last employer. Through out those 10 months ive had some customers complain about my driving. But every driver has had someone complain about something or another at my last job. The way it works is if you know youve had an incident with a customer youre to write up an incident report an submit it to our supervisor. That way you're supposedly protected. However some customers don't even let you know if they have a problem and call our boss. Ive been through this before an was suspended for 1 day supposedly for a customer feeling unsafe on my bus and claiming I was rude to them. There are no recording/camera devices on our buses so basically its there word against mine. Earlier in the week I was told by my boss that he needed to speak with me about something. That Friday I came into work expecting to go out on my run. I was told to go see the supervisor. He an the general manager then informed me that a customer accused me of sexually harassing her. I informed him that I hadn't done anything wrong and that the said customer had attempted to pay before using a possible forged ticket (which i did bring to their attention). The customer and I had exchanged numbers in the past but I never said or did anything in public view and have had no contact with her in quite some time. I don't know if its her way of retaliating against me for calling her out on the forged ticket. I am now removed from service/fired and im going to try and file for unemployment as I have a young child to care for and bills to pay. What possible advice do you have for me? I feel its very unfair an all they have to go on is the customers word against mine.


What possible advice do I have for "customer complaints"? Did you first try searching this site for "fired for customer complaints"?

How about "fired for sexual harassment"?

If you did and couldn't find exactly the kind of advice you were looking for .. I'm happy to discuss this with you so I can ask YOU the questions I think would be relevant as to whether you stand a chance to collect unemployment.

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