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Being Fired for so called violating policy.

by Dina

I travel at least 45 min one way to work at circle k. I trained someone for two weeks I worked 50 hrs a week for 3 weeks. One night I go to work and my boss said I had to be let go bc they seen where I messed up canceling tickets given the fact the it happened a month prior to me getting fired, I was fired after i trained someone and got over time for three weeks straight, I trained 2 people with in 3 months a part. i didnt steal any money it shows the customer giving my money and giving the change back now. I dont remember the reason but there was for me to do it.. I didnt take any money only money ive ever takened is from my daily lottery people who wins which we all do I can even get statements from them...but i filed for unemployment and they said I violated policy...we have a 3 mess up rule and if get written up ur fired I never got written up talkes about my mess up just fired saying I messed up inventory. But a guy before me messed up on lottery never worked his duties got written up and talked to a lot but it took a lot for him to get fired..i had the highest audit score that store had received in years and they are fighting against me.

It's not what you did great that is at issue .. it's what the employer is alleging you did wrong .. against policy.

Employers of course fight unemployment, but
I say this only because you wrote about your experience here on my website.

Unemployment departments, of course, deny unemployment benefits, even when the employer only hints at the reason being for a violation of some undefined company policy. That might be important to know about.

So, why do I keep writing about unemployment from the perspective of what it takes to win unemployment appeals when so many people losing their jobs don't think the reason will rise to the occasion of "work related misconduct?

In hopes that just one person a day may get a new and clear perspective about what they can do to earn some vindication they so clearly desire.

Hopefully, some will figure out why their employer may be shown to fail to meet their burden of proof for the discharge.

And of course, I have answered many questions, from many people, who were indeed fired for bogus "so called policy violations".

Some even took my advice to be represented because they finally understand how difficult it is to show what's bogus about the claim of work related misconduct.

It sure ain't as easy as just saying an employers reason is bogus, or so called, or telling me they didn't enforce the policy uniformly.

Jump up to the pump Dian and find representation for your appeal hearing because winning appeals is a special skill that allows you to present the facts in such a way that they come into clear focus for the third party (hearing officer) that gets to decide your benefit fate.

Claimant was discharged for something other than misconduct.

Georgia unemployment appeal representation?

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