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being in an abusive relationship and have to move to another town in the state of california

by patrice
(santa cruz)

My domestic partner is an alcoholic and I have asked him to get help. He won't and I do not want to go down the drain with him. he is not physically abusive, but I work early hours and he can go in anytime he wants. I go to sleep early and he is drinking and then he will spend hours yelling and cursing and blaming me for everything that goes wrong with him. It is difficult for me to be with him and go to work with very minimal sleep. My job is very stressful and so is my home life. I can go back to my hometown. I do not have any personal friends here where I moved with him, and going to a motel room is very costly.

Hi Patrice,

I think this page of the CA benefit determination guide should answer your questions.

Domestic Circumstances VQ 155

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