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Being laid off but working a 90 day trial? (Is that new job good for you?)

I live in Michigan. Was laid off in early August but receiving severance thru end of October 2009. Was offered a 90 day trial position & getting paid for those 90 days. Can I still file unemployment if that 90 day trial does not turn into a job & can I qualify for unemployment using my company from the August lay off.


Yes you can file if that job does not work out.

And yes, any benefits you receive would be coming from the wage credits that are present in your base period.

BUT the non-monetary eligibility will be determined on the most recent work.

So, I'll just expand a little on how people that have been laid off who would have been entitled due to the layoff become ineligible.

You used the word "trial". That word makes me nervous ...

Let's say you are the one that decides it's not going to work out for some reason.

When you apply for unemployment it will be the separation from the trial job that determines whether you can collect benefits based on the wages earned in the job you were laid off from.

How many of you out there have received a determination denying benefits for either a voluntary quit without good cause .. or a refusal of work which usually carries the same disqualification as a VQ.

Instead of the word "trial" job, I prefer the term "suitable job" because suitable work is what the unemployment department requires you to look for and take when offered.

It is a very good idea to find out what your state considers suitable work .. and understand it, to make an informed decision when accepting a job. It's easy to become trapped in a bad job because me were motivated by desperation to no longer be unemployed.

Thes question is whether that trial job is "suitable work for you .. or not".


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