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Being late once

I'm in Illinois, and have just started a new job. I have only been there for 2 weeks. I was late this morning (alarm didn't go off, called as soon as I woke up, came in about 45 minutes late) After working for a few hours I was told I was being let go for being late.

Also, does it matter at all that I have covered shifts for people in the past? It seemed to me like the two should kind of even each other out somehow. Is it worth mentioning to the unemployment office?
Anyway, to end, there was no paperwork, no warnings, nothing I had to sign or anything like that. I had been on unemployment before starting this job. So, thanks in advance for your help!


It depends on the employer's policy. Do they have special rules or provisions for probationary employees? I can tell you that anyone who oversleeps causing tardiness to work .. will find that that is considered misconduct .. it is something within your control, but it does usually require more than one tardy .. because of employer progressive discipline policies.

And no, good deeds or good behavior cannot help. A thousands right things can't negate the things you've done wrong per the policy.

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by: Anonymous

As far as I'm aware there were no special rules or provisions for probationary employees. It was a very small company, and didn't have the usual cut and dry policies and paperwork of many jobs I've had.
Thanks for your answer!

Even better .. they didn't make you aware of any policy ..

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