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being late twice? and only written up twice for being late?

by Jeremy

Ok so Ive been with a company for about two years last year they hired new employees and I helped train them etc. after awhile the employees started slacking coming to work late etc especially on days I worked because I would pick up their slack well one day an employees decides to call in sick mind you only two of us open up shop. so they call in sick (later on found out this was a lie) and I happened to be late on that day so it was a late opening up. can I get unemployment with this story or is there no hope?


You are asking me for an opinion based on some very general details here and they are not the details I would be asking you about to gauge what I think of your chances of collecting unemployment.

What I can tell you is that you should try and if the employer's rules will help you .. use them as your documentary evidence.

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