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being late when i didnt even have a time to be at work?

Company was bought out, everyone fired on the spot and given application to reapply for new owner and sent for drug tests. I was "rehired". I continued to work, coming in earlier than usual and leaving later than usual. We did not have a time clock and were not given a specific time to be at work or a time in which we were to depart from work. Within a few weeks we were told that our pay would be decreasing. Some employees decided to quit and some decided to wait it out. Most that waited it out were fired, me being one of the last ones. I was told it was because I was late. I did come in later than I usually did two days before being fired due to my missing wallet. I am just a little confused though as to what late was since we had no start time given to us and no time clock existed.

No prior warnings for being late either????

Don't answer, use it to combat misconduct.

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