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being switched from day shifts to overnight shifts?

by SL

I had been working three 13/14 hour days a week, all day shifts of either 8 or 9AM-10PM, at a youth residential facility. After going several months with no referrals I was "temporarily reassigned" to an adult residential facility and told that I would be working all overnights (9PM-7AM). I expressed my displeasure over the new schedule but agreed to try my best to make it work. After more than a month of working these shifts I am constantly run down, tired and often ill. My fiance is threatening to leave if I don't stop working these shifts because I'm constantly tired and cranky. I have told my supervisor that I can't keep this up but she says that I have to keep doing overnights until they hire somebody. I am looking for other work but have no real time to interview because I am working Mon-Thurs overnights.

Would I have "good cause" for quitting?

I doubt it sincerely. Care of children might create good cause if you make all efforts to preserve the job, but of course it depends on the state and whether you can show through all your efforts that the quit was attributable to the employer.

But crankiness and feeling run down and a boyfriend threatening to leave because of your crankiness .. nah.

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