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Benefits cut off because Im going to school

Started going to school for Occupational Therapy assistant after being on unemployment for 8 months. After starting my pre reqs I took some tests at Worksource to see if they would pay for my school should I get accepted into the 2 yrs OT program. They told me they would once I got the acceptance letter. Since it is only Jan and I cant apply for the program till May, I am just taking more pre-reqs. I thought it was ok to be going to school part time while I was on unemployment but while talking to someone at the unemployment office about a problem with my claim, she told me my benefits would be suspended because I am supposed to be available from 8am-6pm for work. I told her I would change my classes to evening ones and she said that was fine but then reported me and my benefits have stopped. Right now my case is in "judication" and apparently I have to wait for them to contact me and then once they do (this can take up to a MONTH!! No money till then...) and then I have to prove I am not going to school during the day before they will reinstate my benefits. So basically going to school cuts off your money unless you are in a 2 yr program. :(


Care to share what state you are located in?

A&A is always the issue. It should be based on the type of job you did before and the hours available for someone in that "field" to work.

I think that most states are being very shortsighted nowadays when they stop benefits because someone is taking positive action that can help them get back to work .. given that there's so few jobs to be had.

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Sep 22, 2012
so what happend?
by: Anonymous

So what happend? what stae are you?, they also cut mine because I put I was going to school and litteraly I just started my first class I changed them to the afternoon but still they cut me, I never learned how to design web pages and all graphic design jobs require that I do

Jul 31, 2013
NY 599 program
by: Pi$$ed

I was approved for the NYS 599 training program because I lost my job in March 2012 and am no longer able to obtain a job as a nurse case manager because LPNs are no longer allowed to work in that field even though we have years of experience..... I am currently in RN school so that I will never have to worry about employment again...... My unemployment benefits were stopped after my June 9th check - WITHOUT ANY NOTICE!!!!! When I called NYSDOL and was told that they had stopped they said it did not matter if I was in their training program because my benefits (63 weeks) was all I was allowed..... Soooooo WHY do you have to make sure that your program is only 2 years - what difference does that make??? Now no money, no job, close to no food and my house is in foreclosure!!! What am I supposed to do when I send out hundreds and hundreds of resumes and cant even get a job at our local grocery store.... In addition to my LPN, I have two degrees - neither of which seems to matter to anyone so I can only believe this is ageism..... the unemployable generation - too young to retire, too old to be employable.... oh and BTW - it starts around age 45 which is ridiculous!!!

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