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benifits denied because Im in school?

by steven s.
(pinellas county,florida)

Im already in school,for 3mos. I got denied benefits. They are trying to take my truck for lack of payment. What do I do?

I don't know Steven. I don't even know for sure why you were denied benefits. Was it for quitting? Were you fired? Or were your benefits stopped because you are attending school?

Suffice it to say I have answered this questions before .. on more than one occasion.

Read the Q&A's and figure out why you were denied benefits.

I can't help you with the truck repossession .. except maybe by way of knowing if you might have a way to collect unemployment benefits .. and that can take a while .. a long while in Florida.

My first and only thought which might help is to tell you to appeal the determination which denied benefits and do it on time .. so you can at least preserve your appeal rights and then prepare your case for benefits in a way that might provide you with an opportunity to have the determination reversed at a hearing.

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