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BEST DECISION EVER in CA! Get a referral, you won't regret it. The reps Chris will refer you to are EXPERTS & will kick butt for you. THANKS!

by Gale
(San Diego, CA)

I was fired and my employer had it out for me. Reaching out to Chris was the best decision I ever made - if you're on the fence - DO IT!!!

She referred me to Liz, one of the smartest, coolest people I've ever met - AND an expert on unemployment. After sharing the details of my situation, she was able to quickly analyze everything and tell me what I needed to focus on with the EDD call. I was approved for benefits after that call - but, my employer appealed so we had to go to a hearing. This is where Liz really showed her expertise. My employer showed up with their attorney and it seemed to me that Liz danced circles around them!!! During all phases of the hearing (preparation, during and after) - I was constantly amazed at Liz's breadth of knowledge and ability to focus on the salient issues.

SO - the appeals hearing was ruled in my favor and I was thrilled!!!

And, it's worth mentioning that I spoke to an employment attorney about my case too and they said I would surely lose -- obviously, they were wrong! I honestly believe many employment attorneys aren't up to speed on Unemployment law (at least in California) and don't give their clients a fair shake. They may be great lawyers on other fronts, but not all law is the same.

If your Unemployment case has merit - I'm pretty sure Chris or Liz will see it - so, give a call. I'm so grateful for having found this blog and the resources here are immensely valuable.

Thank you so very much Chris and Liz!!!! :)

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