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bor pending appeal stage

by anonymous

I was fired April 4th 2014. Had my phone interview won my case. The company comes back & appeals decision with the alj stating I was a no call no show days after they had already fired me with no write ups, prior warnings or no record of poor attendance because there was none. Law judge denied my claim. Needless to say I & my attorney are appealing to the bor. What are my chances of getting my case reversed in my favor? Any ideas?

Yes, ask your attorney in Illinois what your chances are for appealing to the BOR. Clearly he wouldn't be working on that written argument unless he thought the record of the hearing indicated the Illinois appeal referee erred.


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Jul 14, 2014
pending bor hearing
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Chris for all your insight from your experience in the unemployment world. Your website is so helpful for people like me who lack knowledge for our rights as individuals. I will be more than happy to share the outcome of my case. Win or loose to others stand they ground, and allow bogus employers continue to beat the system because they don't want deserving individuals to be entitled to their benefits they earned. Don't ever give up. I like a challenge.

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