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breach of contract and fraud

by Janey
(portland, or)

I have a job currently in the mortgage business. I assist 2 loan officers. I was lied to by the 2 loan officers at the time they offered me the job. They told me they closed 50% more business consistently than they do or ever had. I have the email outlining the average # of loans they said they closed (untrue and documentable). My pay is a base plus bonus based on the amount of business that they close, so my income is far less than they lead me to believe it would be. I left a job that paid me twice as much as I am currently making to go to this company based on the lies. I have been sticking it out in hopes that business would pick up.

On top of that, I butt heads with one of the loan officers. I was basically forced to close a loan a few months back where I knew there was fraud being committed. I tried to get him to cancel the loan but he refused. I didn't report that at the time because he's technically one of my bosses.

I have gone to his business partner (my other "boss") several times over the last year and nothing has changed. Those meetings have been verbal and not in writing.

What are my chances of being able to collect unemployment if I quit?


How long have you worked there? I know it's been at least a year .. so the problem now becomes one of whether they inflated your earning potential in the offer letter .. why you didn't leave when you found out the real truth of the misrepresentation they made.

Or even if they had you close a loan that you knew to involve fraud (illegal) why you didn't document the illegality and quit at that time.

Leave out the butting of heads .. that's personality conflict .. not good cause.

But when an employer directs you to ignore the law in the performance of your job .. report it .. just so you have some documentation which supports a voluntary quit .. based on statutes regarding being forced or even asked to do something illegal.

Chances? Possible, but I'm not taking any bets on it.

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