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Breaking Policy

by stephanie
(St pete, florida, USA)

I worked at the county jail. I started dating a guy and by the time i found out he was a convicted felon i was in love (sigh) so i did look at the policy and saw that we are to report doesnt mean that i would be allowed to keep seeing fact Internal Affairs told me that I would not have been allowed had I gone that route anyway. Someone outside called my bf's probation officer. He had to report it. So then I was under investigation. I did not change anything. We plan on getting married so I figured I would push forward since there are other people working at this same place that are married to felons. Then I had a bond that I put in the system with the wrong amount..ended up no big deal and everything was fine but was a write up. They added this to the "consorting with a convicted felon" charge..then I was talking to a coworker about my weekend and was subsequently hit with a insubordination charge for "talking about the case with someone"...but all i did was talk about my weekend and my boyfriend. Apparently, that is insubordination cause he was the "meat" of the investigation. I decided after alot of deliberation to resign the day before the review boards at work (that would have decided my fate which IA already told me I would not be able to keep my job and my boyfriend.) I have never been fired and didnt want that now. Plus I thought I could get a job easy. Not so. I applied for unemployment and was denied so am in appeals. I know its too late but phone hearing is tomorrow and I will appeal again if I lose. any advice?


I notice you asked this question while I was away for the holidays.

How'd that hearing go for you .. I suspect you will be denied again.

I think if you had been fired the determination would have denied benefits and the appeal would have sustained that misconduct occurred ..

BUT, you quit in anticipation of being fired and that is not good cause to quit.

My advice is to forget about a second appeal.

You didn't have good cause to quit and your behavior was misconduct.

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